Welcome to Mathmatters Australia

What Is Mathmatters Australia?


Mathmatters Australia is a sports numeracy program where primary school students learn math through sport including: Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball, Floorball, Dodgeball, Footy, Soccer and Cricket.


Our sports numeracy activities are run through school incursions, school holiday and after school programs.


Our sessions are great additions to Literacy and Numeracy Week and Health and P.E Week.


Benefits Of Mathmatters?


Using Mathmatters Australia will:

  • engage your students with numbers
  • create an exciting and engaging math lesson for your students
  • illustrate the relevance of numeracy to your students
  • create a competitive envionment where your students see the correlation between numbers and their everyday life 
  • show a connection between numeracy and their love for sport
  • make numbers fun!
  • Leave a positive attitude towards mathematics

Some of the activities we run to engage kids in learning maths:









Numeracy Development




Prizes and Giveaways





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Email - info@mathmatters.com.au