Bubble Soccer Melbourne

Bubble soccer in Melbourne is, for the most part, exactly what it sounds like: full-contact soccer where each kis bumps, bounces around and rolls across the grass into each other while wearing a plastic bubble from head to knee.


It is as much fun watching children chase the ball and bounce around upside down with their legs in the air as it is participating in Bubble Soccer here in Melbourne.


The bubble soccer game itself is a cross between soccer, footy and rugby without concerns of your kid getting inured or concussed.  Players’ hands are fixed and their entire upper body including their heads well inside the bubble for maximum protection and safety.


Children’s skills and ability in traditional soccer are not important in bubble soccer because the suits essentially level the playing field for players of different sizes, gender and skill level.


The objective of bubble soccer is to outscore the opponent and knock each other down while trying.


This is one of those games where no matter what position you’re in it is fun and entertaining.  The added bonus is that the kids will get adequate exercise out of the game and build on their overall fitness levels.


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