School Incursions Melbourne

About The Program

Mathmatters Australia in Melbourne run school incursions that teach kids maths through sport. Our sport and numeracy activities are in line with the National Curriculum as detailed below.


Aims: to ensure our participants are confident users of mathematics where they are able to investigate, represent, and interpret mathematical concepts. 

Recognising connections between the areas of mathematics and other disciplines such as sport will help children appreciate mathematics as an accessible and enjoyable discpline to study. 


Activities include:

Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball, Quidditch, Floorball, Slip N Slide Soapy Soccer, Footy, Soccer, Cricket, Dodgeball, Basketball, Chicken Run and other recreational games.


Participants have to calculate their own scores in each activity, learning and using different mathematical skills. 


The kids will be competing for major prizes, including tickets to sport events, sport apparel, sports bags, caps, balls, bottles, gift bags, toys and more.


Please fill out the online booking form on the right to ensure your child's place in our unique and engaging sports numeracy program.


How The Program Works:

  • Step 1: Briefly go through the math sheet
  • Step 2: Explain how the sport activitiy is played
  • Step 3: Play the game
  • Step 4: Teach and explain the required math skill
  • Step 5: Complete the math sheet by calculating the team's score
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